Har Ki Doon Trek, Winter Trekking, Top Winter Treks in India

Trekking is considered as the most adventurous activity that impacts on every part of the body of the person doing it. Wandering in between the mountains and savoring the natural beauty on its whole is an amazing experience of life. Trekkers are usually in search of good trekking points where they can satisfy their craving of spending some quality time with nature. One such trek is Har ki Doon in Uttarakhand region. It encompasses an easy climb, so it is a preferred spot for the first time climbers.

Har ki Doon is situated in the Garhwal Himalayan region, so it has everything a Himalayan environment can provide to its trekkers; majestic mountains with pristine snow peaks, calm rivers with sparkling water flowing with a steady pace, lavish vegetation, abundance of wild animals, vast pastures, and above all the experience of trekking that is impossible to define with some words.

About The Har Ki Doon Trek:

It is an eight day trekking journey that starts from Sankri. Situated at the height of 1950 mt from sea level, this place will provide you the scenic view of grand Himalayan Mountains dressed in white snow. From here, you will walk on the plain for your next destination, Taluka. It is at the foothills of mountains and has grand pastures covered with bounty of wild flowers. The fragrance of wild orchids will make you spend a night between flowers. Next morning you will climb for Osla; the next stoppage 12 km far from Taluka. Har ki Doon is the last destination from here. Far from Osla around 12-14 km, it is situated at the base of Swargrohini Peak. Jaundhar glacier is on the distance of 2 km from Har ki Doon and a place that is compulsory to visit for trekkers who are on the trail of Har ki Doon. Without visiting this place, your journey, will remain incomplete, so as your exploration. Spend some time with nature. This point offers you some picturesque views for your camera. Click them so you can refresh your memories of the trek all through your life. From this point, your journey will take reverse trek to take you back at your home. We are the most renowned company among trekkers for our best customized deals.

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