Rupin Pass Trek – Trekking in Himachal Pradesh

Trekking in India is mostly popular all over world for its diversified terrains, high altitude & abundant variety of options. Rupin Pass trek is one such high altitude trek which offers you with different scenery at every kms you cross and every turn you take.
The trek is stretched across two states, starts from Dhaula in Uttarakhand and ends up at Sangla in Himachal Pradesh crossing Uttarakhand near Kinnaur. It will let also let you visit two popular hill stations of both states as your journey will start from Dehradun and after Sangla it will finally end at Shimla.



This moderate to difficult trek is a sheer extravaganza for any adventure junkie as it is filled with a lot of surprises and thrills at each level. Each time you move forward to next destination, you will find yourself in a completely deviated atmosphere than you left to your behind. The complete route of the trail is very variant making you trek at the narrow, thrilling routes to wide comfortable one, the trek make it path through the dense forests of fir as well as through the wide, thick patches of snow and glaciers, treks along the small water stream at beginning and then along the frozen water falls while reaching end. The variety here is immense.


The Trek – Few Highlights

Kinnaur Temple: The multi floored temple is completely distinct from its surroundings; give you a glimpse of kinnauri culture.

Jhaka Village: known for its location at the extreme edge of the mountain cliff, the village will offers you a beautiful scenary hanging at the wall of the mountain.

Fir Forests: The trek route after Jhaka village go through dense forest, walking through the tall and retro pines trees will be a another thrilling experience for you.

Snow Bridges: Crossing over the snow bridge formed by Rupin river in the V shaped valley comes before reaching Saruvas Thatch is a delightful task in itself, leaving behind the greenery you will walk over the snow for the very first time on the trail.

Waterfall Views: View from the valley which comes before reaching Dhanderas is the most overwhelming with plenty of waterfalls running downwards making it appear as it showering parallel from the sky.


TTH team will help you make your whole experience of Trekking in Himachal at Rupin Pass Trek, an extreme one by making sure that no essential chore and revelation should be left out.

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